Heilongjiang Yuquan Distillery Co., Ltd.

  In 1959, invested by Ministry of Commerce and organized by Heilongjiang Provincial Government, the Heilongjiang Yuquan Liquor Factory was formally established. Located in Yuquan Town of Acheng City of Heilongjiang Province, the Liquor Factory covered an area of 150,000 square meters. It was the leader of the Northeast liquor industry and the largest liquor producer in the Heilongjiang Province.

  Good liquor must have good spring. Yuquan town is one of the birthplaces of Chinese distilled spirits. As early as more than 850 years ago, Emperor Xizong of Jin Dynasty set up the Royal Liquor Workshop in Yuquan Town and took the local Yuquan water and made royal liquor through distillation. The earliest distilled liquor in Northern China was born in Yuquan Town. Since then, liquor workshops had come one after another in Yuquan Town and been famous for thousand years.

  Since the Liquor Factory was established, the liquor makers had been reforming and innovating in the liquor-making process based on inheriting and developing the liquor-making process in Jin Dynasty. In 1975, the national elite expert group of liquor technology led by national liquor authority Zhou Henggang, created the Yuquan Fangping featured by deep fragrance, thick fragrance, local characteristics, and mixed fragrance through one-year hard work, and the Yuquan Fangping became the fifth largest liquor fragrance in China.

  In 2008, Jindong Group’s Hong Kong Jinliufu Investment officially took control of Heilongjiang Yuquan Distillery Co., Ltd. After the acquisition, Jindong Group focused on making Yuquan stronger, ensured and expanded its provincial leading edge, meanwhile steadily expanded the out-provincial market and strived to become the NO.1 brand in the three provinces of Northeast China.

  Since 2009, Yuquan Distillery has successively launched medium and high grade products such as “Harmonious Qingya”, “Year Liquor”, “Sealed and Cave Stored Liquor” and has fully advanced to the high-end liquor market. In the next few years, Jindong Group will continue to invest and transform through fixed assets and make Yuquan Distillery into a large-scale circular economy enterprise focusing on white liquor and integrating agricultural development and industrial tourism.

Yushuqian -- Genuine Liquor-making for 205 Years

  Jilin Yushuqian Liquor Co., Ltd. is located in Yushu City of Jilin Province famous for “the NO.1 Granary in China”. It is one of the member enterprises of Jindong Group and also the first-class enterprise in China and the leading liquor enterprise in Northeast China.

  The Yushuqian Liquor came from “Juchengfa Boiling Pot” in 1812 (during the reign of Emperor Jiaqing of Qing Dynasty) and has been through more than 200 years of ups and downs. It has become the model of thickly fragrant liquor in North China through “Seven Generations of Inheritance”. The 234 liquor containers made by the high-quality yellow pine wood in Changbai Mountains are awarded with the “Liquor Factory Using the Most Wooden Liquor Containers” by Guinness Shanghai Headquarters.

  Jilin Yushuqian Liquor Co., Ltd. boasts thousand years of liquor culture in Northeast China and more than 200 years of liquor-making history, and is one of the leading liquor enterprises in Northeast China. Yushuqian Liquor has been awarded with a series of honorary titles such as “China Time-honored Brand”, “China Well-known Trademark”, “National Geographical Indication Protection Product”, “Intangible Cultural Heritage in Jilin Province” and “Leading Enterprise of Liquor Industry Base in North China” since it was acquired by Jindong Group in 2009. “The First Experience-type Liquor Park in Northern China” has been invested with RMB 690 million, covering an area of 500mu and integrating liquor-making, packaging, storage, experience and recreation club. The production capacity will reach 50,000t annually and the annual output value will reach RMB 2 billion, which will build the Yushuqian Liquor into the No.1 liquor brand in Jilin Province. In October 2015, Jilin Provincial Tourism Bureau awarded Yushuqian Liquor as the “Industrial Tourism Demonstration Place in Jilin Province”; in 2016, Yushuqian Liquor won the honorary title of “Enterprise of Inheriting White Liquor Culture for 100 Years”; and in August 2017, the Tourism Bureau of Changchun City granted the 3A Tourist Attraction Qualification to Yushuqian Liquor and Culture Manor.

  As early as in Year 1112, the Liao Emperor took Yushuqian Liquor as the royal liquor to boost the “Spring Operations”. The thousand-year culture of Yushuqian Liquor has actually been made in history. In 1812, the grandmaster Jiang Yanrun created the “Juchengfa Boiling Pot” which witnessed the extraordinary years of liquor history in Jilin Province. The inheritance and development of Yushuqian Liquor shows the essence of traditional liquor-making process as well as the legendary charm of thickly fragrant liquor in North China. “Juchengfa Liquor-making Process” - five-stage liquor-taking of “red grains in aged cellar, solid state fermentation, mixed-steaming and mixed-heating, renewal remains ingredients”, has seven-level storage. “Hundred-year Cellar Pool” - through two centuries of nourishing and cultivating, there are hundreds of endless beneficial microbiome communities. “Wooden Liquor Containers” - liquor container to liquor base plays a key role in the “Second Aging” of the original liquor, and Yushuqian Liquor is the liquor factory using the most wooden liquor containers in China up to now. “Liquor Storage in Matan” - The Matan liquor warehouse is the original liquor storage base which stores nearly 10,000t of fine liquor carefully selected by liquor blenders. The Matan has high air permeability and liquor base within the Matan can breathe freely to age and mature the liquor body, make the liquor taste soft and mellow, and infuse deep aged fragrance with increasing aging of the liquor. “Seven Generations of Inheritance” - from generation to generation, from oral lecturing to inner understanding, and each generation is certified by the sealed liquor jar mark as the true successor and never stops. Yushuqian Liquor inherits the traditional liquor-making process and stores and produces good liquor with heart and soul.

  Yushuqian Liquor adheres to the business philosophy of “Quality First”, creates the core competitiveness of Yushuqian brand and enhances the popularity of Yushuqian products. Yushuqian Liquor now boasts 6 major series and 20 products such as Yushuqian Years series, Yushuqian NO.1 series, Yushuqian Mellow series, Yushuqian Treasure Star series, Yushuqian Yeast series, and Yushuqian Laotie series. Yushuqian Genuine Liquor has crystal clear, full and plump liquor body as well as mellow, harmonious and clean taste; it is deeply loved by consumers and is the model of thickly fragrant liquor in North China. Yushuqian No.1 has become the representative of the high-end liquor in Jilin Province and the Yushuqian brand has become the No.1 liquor brand in Jilin Province.

  Under the leadership of Jindong Group, General Manager of Yushuqian Liquor Chen Wei has improved the leadership team, strengthened the team building and expanded the market. As a result, the market shares of middle and high-end products are constantly improving. Yushuqian NO.1 has become the high-end liquor representative in Jilin Province. Yushuqian series of products have become the main products in “Famous Product Center” pushed by Changchun City. Yushuqian Chinese Liquor Culture Education Base has been awarded with the National AAA Industrial Tourism Title. At present, Yushuqian’s brand value continues to rise and surpasses RMB 3 billion, which has been No.1 in Jilin Province for three consecutive years.

  Both Jindong Group and Yushuqian Liquor share the mission of conducting oneself and making liquor with heart and soul. General Manager Chen Wei has been involved in liquor industry for more than 20 years. He has been focusing on one thing all over the years: making and selling good liquor with heart and soul. General Manager Chen Wei has led the Yushuqian Liquor to develop based on White Liquor Manor since he took office. He has launched the industrial tourism model of experiential marketing and attracted tens of thousands of tourists to visit, travel and experience. The Yushuqian Liquor won the title of “Industrial Tourism Demonstration Place in Jilin Province” and became a new landmark of industrial tourism in Jilin Province. In 2015, he began to additionally fund RMB 50 million to create the bottled storage of No.1 liquor. The established “The First Bottled Storage Area in North China” is the first liquor factory in Northeast China and even North China to adopt the aged process in bottled storage so as to offer the genuine good liquor to consumers.

  Experience upgrading project construction of Yushuqian Liquor: Combine the production process experience in Yushuqian Liquor with the factory environment of the first experiencing Liquor Factory in North China; establish Liquor Culture Base (3A Scenic Spot) in Jilin Province; integrate the experience, interaction and appreciation into one; and establish the stone inscription of Liquor Prose on Yushuqian Liquor of NO.1 Prose in North China liquor industry. Yushuqian Liquor Exhibition Hall is upgraded to experience the historical background and heritage essence of liquor culture of Yushuqian Liquor, showing Yushuqian Liquor brand, Jilin Liquor History, Yushuqian Liquor History, liquor containers of various historical periods in Jilin, display of products of Yushuqian Liquor in different periods, and sand table display of liquor making etc.; experiencing Yushuqian Liquor No.1; and sealing the original Yushuqian Liquor jar personally; renovating “The First Private Liquor Cellar in North China”, and building the VIP exclusive cellar of “The Top Private Cellar”; experiencing the “Liquor Show” and “Liquor DIY” in Liquor Art Center; enjoying the experience upgrading projects such as gourmet in No.1 Club, and carrying forward the long-standing liquor culture of Jilin; and experiencing Yushuqian Liquor’s rich cultural heritage, excellent product quality and unique classic charm.

  Yushuqian is enthusiastic about public welfare and spreading positive energy. In 2015, Yushuqian Liquor set up the “No.1 Student Grant”. With a total funding of RMB 2 million for five years, Yushuqian Liquor supports the education development so that the students who have good academic performances but economic difficulties will be able to successfully complete their studies. Whenever Yushuqian Liquor sells one bottle of Yushuqian Liquor No.1, RMB 3 will be taken out to enter the "No.1 Student Grant" and fund more children. In 2016, Yushuqian Liquor made a title sponsorship of “Touching the Heart of Jilin” for selecting 10 No.1 people so as to promote social progress and era development, promote the true, the good and the beautiful, and pass positive energy.

  Nowadays, under the leadership of General Manager Chen Wei, Yushuqian Liquor will focus on innovating in liquor-making process and developing the thickly fragrant liquor in North China, will establish the stable liquor market in Northeast China, face towards whole China, forge ahead and continuously excavate the core competitiveness of Yushuqian Liquor, and build the No.1 liquor brand in Jilin Province. With genuine liquor-making for 205 years, Yushuqian Liquor will adhere to quality, innovate in development and make steady progress, and go together with your happiness.

Tengzhou Jinyuanchun Liquor Co., Ltd.

  Tengzhou Jinyuanchun Liquor Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Jinyuanchun Liquor) is located in the hometown of Mo Zi and Lu Ban – Tengzhou City of Shandong Province. Its east is close to Yimeng Mountains; its west is close to Weishan Lake; its south is close to Jiangsu Province, Henan Province and Anhui Province; and its north is close to the holy land of Qufu City. It is warm and humid and the clear spring flows all year round, hence it is named Tengzhou.

  Jinyuanchun Liquor was founded in September 1948 and its predecessor was Tengzhou Jinghe Liquor Making Co., Ltd. It was the first state-owned enterprise in Tengzhou City after the founding of New China. In August 2006, Jindong Group reorganized Tengzhou Jinghe Liquor Making Co., Ltd. and established Tengzhou Jinyuanchun Liquor Co., Ltd. Jinyuanchun Liquor has been developed fast through constantly shaping the advanced enterprise culture, changing the concept of ideas, transforming the operation mechanism, highlighting the brand advantage and grasping the quality of products.

  Jinyuanchun Liquor has two major brands of “Jinyuanchun” and “Tenggong” which are famous trademarks in Shandong Province. The Jinyuanchun brand has successively launched series of Stars and Treasure. The liquid makers adopt the unique liquid-making techniques and strictly follow the six traditional rules; carefully select the fine grains such as purple-skin-stem sorghum, streaky wheat, six-rowed barley, and high-quality soybeans for starter propagation; and adopt the rice steamer method with rigorous steps handed down from generation to generation. The original liquor is stored in the liquor container framed by 175-layer rice paper with the mysterious craftsmanship in constant temperature. The magic techniques unifying nature and human efforts in Tengzhou create the current Jinyuanchun liquor body which is clear and mellow, sweet and cool, natural and smooth, and has lingering taste with a special thick fragrance style in North China.

  Over the past six decades, Jinyuanchun Liquor has risen through ups and downs. Tenggong liquor has won the first special gold award in the First Chinese Liquor Culture Exquisite Exhibition, the Golden Prize in the Fifth World Liquor Quality Exhibition in Tokyo of Japan, and Gold Award in Panamanian Wine and Beverage Tasting. Jinyuanchun Classic 1948 won the Innovative Liquor Brand in Shandong Province in 2010 and won the Silver Award in the Spirits Selection by Concours Mondialde Bruxelles in 2017. The Jinyuanchun Liquor has successively won the honorary titles such as Consumer Satisfaction Unit in Shandong Province and the Most Popular Supplier Award in Shandong Cuisine Industry.

  Taste classics and depth and practice innovation and development. The project of Ecological Liquor-making Park of Jinyuanchun Liquor of Jindong Liquor Group formally started construction on April 9, 2016. The project has total investments of RMB 1.5 billion. After the completion, the annual output of thickly fragrant yeast original liquor will reach 20,000t and the annual output value will reach RMB 5 billion. It will be an ecological, landscaping, industrial tourism, and environmental protection project.

  Jinyuanchun Liquor adheres to the principle of “quality first, integrity and trustworthiness, mutual benefit and win-win”; aims to build its own brand value and take “accelerating development, coordinating development and sustainable development” as the working principle, fully implements and makes liquor through craftsmanship. Jinyuanchun Liquor will continue the Chinese liquor culture and open the new chapter of a flourishing age through the mellow flavor of special charm.

Anhui Linshui Liquor Co., Ltd.

  Anhui Linshui Liquor Co., Ltd. (formerly Anhui Zhonghua Yuquan Liquor Factory), is a famous liquor enterprise in Anhui Province. Linshui Liquor is located in the thousand-year ancient town of west Anhui Province – Linshui. Linshui Liquor has historical stories such as Yuchi Offering Liquor and Yugu’s Rescue; boasts uniquely geographical advantages such as 72 clear springs and three rivers converging; and boasts naturally advanced liquor-making environment. Its predecessor was Wulongxing Workshop, which was founded in the late Qing Dynasty and flourished in the Republic of China. The brand has had a history of more than 100 years.

  In 1949, the government of New China established the Anhui State-owned Linshui Liquor Factory based on the original Wulongxing Workshop and became one of the first liquor companies in Anhui Province. In the following decades, the company’s famous liquor such as Linshui Yuquan, Zhonghua Yuquan and Greater China, sold well in Anhui Province and across China, and won the first prize in three consecutive liquor competitions in 1981, 1983 and 1986, which were the only three official liquor competitions held in Anhui Province.

  In January 2004, the Factory was wholly acquired by Jindong Group. With the strong capital strength and advanced management philosophy, Jindong Group has injected a steady stream of vitality into the old factory and renamed the Zhonghua Yuquan Liquor Factory to Anhui Linshui Liquor Co., Ltd.

  Linshui liquor makers continue the thousand-year liquor-making process and pass on the “Wu’s Secret Methods” of Wulongxing Workshop in the late Qing Dynasty, inherit more than one hundred years of above 100 cellars in Wulongxing Workshop, and devotedly develop series of “Linshuitan” and “Caved Year Liquor of Linshui Yuquan” stored in cave with mixed fragrance. The liquor products are deeply loved by consumers due to the “clear and transparent, cellar fragrant, elegant and long lasting, sweet and mellow, harmonious fragrant and long aftertaste” of liquor body.

  Since the establishment of the Factory in 1949, the Linshui liquor has adhered to the craftsmanship of pottery storage. In 2004, Linshui Liquor realized the high specification process of storing liquor in pottery jar and hiding in the cave. The pottery jar for liquor storage is customized from the Chinese pottery capital - Yixing of Jiangsu. The clay and the mineral glaze here are the excellent materials for pottery production. The baked pottery jar has been the best choice in liquor industry since ancient times. The pottery jar walls are covered with fine pores and the air permeability is excellent. The liquor will not leak and can produce a lot of beneficial flavor molecules with the constant temperature and humidity in the liquor cave. During free breathing, the liquor will be gradually purified and retain its fragrance. With the passage of time, the final realization of the liquor body will form aroma fragrance, elegant and clean, mellow and sweet unique style.

 Linshui Liquor has opened up a large area of more than 10,000m2 of cave and storage facilities, and has been certified by Guinness World Record as “The First Liquor Cave in China”. In 2014, Linshui Liquor held the grand opening ceremony of the First Liquor Culture Festival, which opened the annual noble journey of liquor in private cave. In the new round of liquor consumption adjustment period, the mode of cave culture festival is another way to satisfy the individualized and customized demands of liquor consumption, which greatly closes the gap between the brand and the consumers.

  In 2016, the private luxury liquor cellar of Linshui Yuquan was put into operation to create a unique cave for high-end liquor consumers to have better experiences. The cave services have been further improved as a result of constant temperature and humidity; excellent liquor storage environment with no dust and avoiding light; interactive sections including liquor storage, historical process explanation, mixed liquor DIY; and more professional sub-packaging and distribution services.

  In recent years, the leading product of Linshui-10-Year Jar won the international Gold Medal among 552 famous white liquors in Spirits Selection by Concours Mondialde Bruxelles. The start product of Linshui Yuquan Sufficient Year Caved Storage Liquor won the Grand Prize in the Global Packaging Design Competition of World Star, and was widely recognized by industry experts and consumers.

  The start products such as Sufficient Year Caved Storage Liquor, 20-year Caved Storage, and the popular 10-Year Jar are developed triumphantly. All kinds of Linshui single products are flourishing, the customized sealed-jar high-end products have excellent reputation and strong momentum, Linshui Liquor will make more improvements in the fierce competition of Anhui liquor market.

Jinliufu Distillery

  The first bottle of Jinliufu white liquor came off from the Wuliangye production workshop in 1998. With its excellent liquor quality, novel packaging and profound cultural heritage, Jinliufu was favored by consumers and was known as the “Blessed Liquor for Chinese”. The Jinliufu Brand is defined as “Six Blessings”: longevity, wealth, health, virtues, harmony, and filial piety.

  Jinliufu is the top white liquor brand for Chinese in joyous occasions, family reunion dinners, and visiting relatives and friends, and it is one of the few high-value brands with high popularity, high reputation and high association within China. In 2017, the brand value of Jinliufu reached RMB 30.2 billion certified by the authority.

  Jinliufu is one of the brands recognized as “China Well-known Trademark” in the white liquor industry. The brand positioning of the “Blessed Liquor for Chinese” has been deeply rooted in the consumers and “Enjoying the Blessed Liquor in Moment of Happiness” has become one of the new folk customs through the promotions of integrating marketing activities such as “Olympic blessing-Jinliufu”, “Enjoy Jinliufu for My Happiness”, “Enjoy Jinliufu for Reunion in Mid-autumn Festival”, “Enjoy Jinliufu for Going Home at Spring Festival”, “Mutual Assistance Alliance for Going Home at Spring Festival Funded by Jinliufu” and “Family Portrait with Jinliufu”. The super single product “A Jar of Good Liquor” was released in 2016 and soon became the hottest one in the white liquor industry. The Jinliufu Brand had a new upgrade in 2017 and the brand slogan was changed to the “Blessed Liquor for China” from “Blessed Liquor for Chinese”. With a more concise logo design and a more focused strategy of super single product, the Jinliufu Brand has welcomed a big change since its birth 20 years ago.

Lidu Distillery Co., Ltd.

  Jiangxi Lidu Distillery Co., Ltd. is located in the famous historic town in regions south of the Yangtze River of China -- Lidu Town. It is located in the middle and lower reaches of Fuhe River where provides cold and sweet spring water for producing mellow and fragrant white liquor. The rice in Ganfu area of Jiangxi Province is delicate, round and crystal clear. The inexhaustible water from Fuhe River and rice from Ganfu are the superior raw materials for producing white liquor.

  Lidu Town was the necessary place for numerous students in regions south of the Yangtze River to enter Beijing for examination in ancient China. It had a long history and rich heritage of white liquor culture and has been known as “Village of White Liquor” since ancient times. China’s top ten archaeological findings in 2002 and China’s key cultural relic’s protection unit in 2006 proved the liquor-making workshop relics in Lidu Town with more than 800 years of history (the earliest, the most relics, the most complete remains, the longest duration, and the most distinctively locally characteristic craftsmanship). So far, the white liquor from Lidu Town still tastes deliciously deep and fragrant. Lidu series of white liquor has been numerously awarded as the Famous White Liquor in Jiangxi Province, the High-Quality White Liquor in Jiangxi Province, Consumers’ Most Favorite White Liquor, and the Best Daily Industrial Product; has won the Gold Medal in Ulan Bator Food Exposition and Paris International Food Exposition; has been designated as the dedicated white liquor in Lushan Conference; and has also appeared in Great Hall of the People in Beijing as National Liquor to fete guests and dignitaries at home and abroad.

  In October 2008, Jindong Group purchased Lidu Distillery and re-established Lidu Distillery Co., Ltd. Jindong Group infused fresh blood in respect of production technology, operation mode, enterprise management and capital operation. With its abundant capital, advanced management, excellent equipment and excellent talents, Jindong Group has made Lidu Distillery become a new bright spot in China’s liquor industry. In respect of craftsmanship, Lidu liquor still inherits the thousand-year liquor-making technology and combines with modern scientific and meticulous operations such as layered distillation, liquor taking according to quality, hierarchical storage, and scientific blending, all these make Lidu liquor particularly valuable. The Lidu liquor is greatly praised by renowned liquor experts such as Ma Yong, Shen Yifang, Yu Qiao and Tao Jiachi, and it is praised as “harmonious, clean and elegant, the best white liquor currently in China”. In respect of quality management, Lidu Distillery has passed the certification of ISO9001 quality management system and product certification system, and HACCP food safety etc. so as to ensure that “product acceptance rate reaches 100%”, “national sampling rate reaches 100%” and “product health indicators are 100% consistent with national standards”. In respect of packaging process, Lidu Distillery adopts the new modern packaging concept to contain the original antique liquor culture characteristics of Lidu liquor and constantly promote the new and popular products. Lidu Distillery has not only highlighted the brand taste of Lidu liquor but also considered the consumption level of ordinary consumers, which is the model of Jiangxi mixed fragrance liquor.

Hunan Xiangjiao Liquor Co., Ltd.

  Hunan Xiangjiao Liquor Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the Xiangjiao Liquor), formerly known as Shaoyang Liquor Factory, was firstly founded in October 1957 and renamed as Hunan Xiangjiao Liquor Co., Ltd. after it was restructured in August 2003. It integrates garden, ecology, environmental protection and industrial tourism, and vividly presents the perfectly combined green ecological liquor-making garden between liquor and culture, between liquor and history, and between liquor and environment. The total investments reach RMB 3 billion, covering an area of 1700 mu. The annual liquor production capacity is 50,000t, the liquor storage capacity in Matan is 50,000t, and the packaging capacity is 100,000t.

  Through 60 years of development, Xiangjiao Liquor has formed four series of products: “Yaoqing”, “Xiangjiao”, “Kaikouxiao” and “Shaoyang”. “Yaoqing” is the great work of Xiangjiao Liquor comparable to China’s top white liquor; “Xiangjiao” ranks among the top-quality white liquor with its excellent quality; “Kaikouxiao” and “Xiangjiao” trademarks are recognized as “China Well-known Trademarks” by Trademark Office of the State Administration for Industry and Commerce of the People’s Republic of China. Among them, “Kaikouxiao-Smiling for 15 Years” won the Gold Medal in Spirits Selection by Concours Mondialde Bruxelles in 2015.

  Xiangjiao Liquor inherits Jindong Group’s culture that “enables every consumer to enjoy the deliciously blessed white liquor in every happy moment and in every moment of expecting happiness”. Xiangjiao Liquor regards integrity as its most important thing and has won consumers’ trust through enthusiasm and sincerity as the purpose of customer service. For many years, Xiangjiao Liquor has been awarded as the Top 100 Enterprises in Economic Benefits in Hunan Province, Major Key Enterprise in Liquor-making Industry in Hunan Province, and the Top 500 Manufacturing Enterprises in China. Due to the outstanding performance in accelerating new industrialization, Xiangjiao Liquor has been awarded as the Outstanding Contributor of “100 Billion Value of Industry” in Food in Hunan Province. In recent years, Xiangjiao Liquor has also received a series of honors such as “National 3A Tourism Scenic Spot” and “National Key Leading Enterprise of Agricultural Industrialization”, and has won the Highest Honor in Hunan Province -- the Provincial Governor Quality Award.

  Over the past 60 years, Xiangjiao Liquor has adhered to the commitment of “Being a Responsible Corporate Citizen”, actively involved in sports and cultural undertakings in Hunan Province, supported locally economic development, positive responded and participated in “Helping Migrant Workers”, donated to social public welfare activities for education etc. and donated more than RMB 24 million to the disaster areas; donated to construct “Liufu Homeland” community in the most severely flooded Chenzhou City; set up “Reward Fund for Righteous and Courageous People” and “Reward Fund for Citizen Moral Model” in Shaoyang City of Hunan Province. In addition, Xiangjiao Liquor shouldered its responsibilities of “Xiangjiao Liquor Will Be the First One to Help the Hunan People in Difficulty” and donated RMB 10 million for post-disaster reconstruction when Hunan Province was hit by severe flood in June 2017.

  Rooted in and giving back to the local community are the business purpose of Xiangjiao Liquor and the essence of its invincible position. Xiangjiao Liquor insists on localizing products, logistics and talents. As Xiangjiao Liquor expands its scale, it responds positively to the call of the Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Government of “Quality Thriving Hunan Province” and “Revitalizing Hunan Liquor”. In 2011, the Hunan Provincial Government listed Xiangjiao Liquor as the key supporting enterprise in its suggestions on revitalizing the healthy development of Hunan liquor industry, and listed Xiangjiao and Kaikouxiao as the key supporting brands of Hunan liquor.

  Xiangjiao Liquor takes revitalizing Hunan liquor as its own duty and creates the modern “Two-type” enterprise through persistence and innovation. Looking forward to the future, Xiangjiao Liquor will continuously challenge the new height, achieve excellence and make positive contributions to the local and Hunan Province’s economy and the development of China’s liquor industry!

Zhenjiu Liquor – Cherished Deep Fragrance Produced through Craftsmanship

  The bright pearl in northern Guizhou Province and the revolutionary base Zunyi City are famous for their historical accumulation and remembered for liquor fragrance. Located in Shizipu of northern suburb of Zunyi City, the liquor producers who love deep fragrance have the good faith to make more people enjoy the high-quality deeply fragrant liquor, persist on the craftsmanship, inherit and innovate from generation to generation, and produce the cherished deeply fragrant Zhenjiu liquor with heart and soul.

Let’s open the long-sealed archives, trace the marks of history and witness a little-known legend of Zhenjiu liquor.

  [Part 1 Trace to the Source of Craftsmanship]

  Zhenjiu liquor was a livelihood project of white liquor led by Chinese leaders.

  In 1958, Chairman Mao Zedong put forward the assumption of producing ten thousand tons of Moutai white liquor and the wish of enabling ordinary people to enjoy the high-quality deeply fragrant liquor like Moutai. In 1975, Premier Zhou Enlai proposed again at the First Session of the Fourth National People’s Congress. In the same year, the project of “Relocated Production Test (Pilot) of Guizhou Moutai Liquor” was formally established and listed as the nationally key science and technology project, which was carried out by Comrade Fang Yi, the Head of the State Science and Technology Commission at that time.

  After thorough tests in 1975, scientists finally selected Shizipu of northern suburb of Zunyi City, only 130 kilometers to Moutai Town, as the scientific test plant which was the ideal place to produce white liquor due to the picturesque scenery, elegant environment, clear water quality, neither severe cold in winter nor severe heat in summer, moderate rainfall, and many good natural conditions. The 28 technical elite, led by Zheng Guangxian, the Factory Director of the former Moutai Liquor Production Plant, moved the cellar stones, cellar mud, raw materials and equipment from Moutai Town in an intact manner to the pilot plant which was later officially put into production to uncover the beginning of the legendary Zhenjiu liquor.

  The scientific test was listed as one of the 15 key science and technology projects in Guizhou Province during the “the 6th Five-year Plan”. As one of the important scientific research projects highly emphasized by Chinese leaders, they attached great importance to the project although far away from Zunyi City. The project was also named as “NO.1 Project” in China’s white liquor industry. That was because the project was not only to produce the white liquor but also to realize the good wish of enabling more ordinary people to enjoy the high-quality deeply fragrant liquor like Moutai.

  Why the test was “Relocated” not “Different Place”? That was because Moutai Town had inconvenient transportation, insufficient food, difficult transportation of packaging materials, raw materials and liquor, and could not complete the production of 10,000t of liquor. Therefore, it was planned to relocate the Moutai Town to another place with convenient transportation and would guarantee the quality of Moutai liquor, and thus the project was “Relocated” to another place.

  Zhenjiu liquor was the only liquor brand named by the Party and Chinese leaders.

  The scientists finally achieved great success after 10 years of hard work, 9 periods, 63 rounds and more than 3000 analysis tests. In November 1985, on the nationally highest level of industrial appraisal meeting led by white liquor experts within China such as Zhou Henggang and Ji Keliang, all experts agreed that the trial liquor had reached the contract requirements in respect of physical and chemical indicators, health indicators and the acceptability rate of new liquor entering warehouses. In respect of sensory indicators, the liquor appraisal team members of the Appraisal Committee considered the trial liquor was featured by: “clear and slight yellow transparent color, outstanding deep fragrance, elegant, mellow liquor body …… almost has the flavor of Moutai liquor.” “Although there is still a certain gap with the currently marketing Moutai liquor, the quality of the trial liquor is close to the level of Moutai liquor, and there are a lot of reliable test data and materials to prove.” Therefore, the Appraisal Committee concluded that the Relocated Production Test (Pilot) of Guizhou Moutai Liquor had completed the contract requirements.

  According to the Appraisal Committee’s conclusion, the Scientific and Technical Committee of Guizhou Province “agreed to the Appraisal opinions”. As a result, the scientific test had finally succeeded.

  Since the test was successful, why was it not named as Moutai?

  From1960s to 1980s, Fenjiu liquor and Wuliangye liquor were the market leaders in respect of light fragrance and thick fragrance. The output of Moutai liquor was only 200t due to transportation and other factors. The consumption volume and market of deeply fragrant liquor were relatively small. At that time, there were six golden liquor brands in Sichuan Province, and the Guizhou Provincial Party Committee decided to learn from Sichuan liquor to build another premium liquor brand after Moutai and Dongjiu liquor.

  In 1986, Vice Premier of State Council Fang Yi tasted the trial liquor and praised it as “Treasure in Liquor”. The “Relocated Production Test Factory of Guizhou Moutai Liquor” was officially changed to “Guizhou Zhenjiu Liquor Factory”, and thus “Zhenjiu Liquor” (meaning Treasure in Liquor) was named and came to the world! Fortunately, Zhenjiu liquor was the only liquor brand named by the Party and Chinese leaders.

  Later Zhenjiu liquor gradually became popular in the market, won numerous awards and became a well-known liquor brand in Guizhou Province and even across China.

  [Part 2 Craftsmanship Heritage]

  Zhenjiu Liquor is one of the few white liquor enterprises that can produce high-quality deep fragrance.

  Time passes and changes. Through more than 40 years of continuous production, accumulation and precipitation, today’s Zhenjiu liquor has formed a very suitable microbial environment and site for producing the high-quality deep fragrance. Zhenjiu Liquor is one of the few white liquor enterprises that can produce the high-quality deep fragrance. The aged liquor is sufficiently stocked. The refined traditional deep fragrance and craftsmanship have been passed down from generation to generation, making Zhenjiu liquor open a new chapter of rebirth.

  In 2009, Jindong Group made a wholly-owned acquisition of Guizhou Zhenjiu Liquor Factory and changed its name to Guizhou Zhenjiu Liquor Co., Ltd. Billions of investments have been put to increase production capacity and further improve product quality. Inheriting the spirit of craftsmanship, the Zhenjiu Liquor makers always adhere to the production philosophy of focusing on quality, refine liquor-making through “Two Persistence and One Innovation”, and are dedicated to the production of high-quality deeply fragrant liquor.

  Firstly, Zhenjiu Liquor always adheres to the traditional liquor-making processes through the deep fragrance of yeast for making hard liquor.

  In respect of liquor-making raw materials, Zhenjiu Liquor insists on carefully selecting local red tassels glutinous sorghum for liquor-making. The red tassels glutinous sorghum is solid and plump, has small grain and thick skin, can withstand turning over and stewing for many times, and it is so glutinous that it can bring high-quality liquor.

  In respect of liquor-making processes, Zhenjiu Liquor always adheres to the traditional liquor-making processes through the deep fragrance of yeast for making hard liquor. 1 year is a circle including 2 times of raw materials feeding, starter-making in lunar calendar May, putting sand in lunar calendar September, 9 times of stewing, 8 times of fermentation, 7 times of liquor taking, and treasuring for a long time. The birth of a bottle of Zhenjiu Liquor needs at least 5 years of preparation from making to factory sales, meanwhile the new generation of liquor makers has been devoted to the inheritance and innovation day and night, making Zhenjiu Liquor more mellow and unique.

  At the same time, Zhenjiu Liquor adopts the suitably refined liquor-making based on the unique “Small Climate in Zunyi City”.

  It is concluded and emphasized in the Technical Report on Relocated Production Test of Guizhou Moutai Liquor: “Nine cycles of relocated production test of Moutai liquor prove that, it can be realized that the production quality of the relocated trial liquor in Zunyi City can achieve or close to the quality of the currently marketing Moutai liquor. The essence of traditional craftsmanship must be grasped in specific technology. The liquor makers cannot blindly copy the process conditions; instead, they must combine the specifically environmental climate characteristics and grasp the application flexibly.”

  The production area of Zhenjiu Liquor is located in the humid monsoon zone of subtropical plateau. The annual average temperature is 15℃ and it is warm and humid all year round, and there is no severe cold in winter and no severe heat in summer. The weather is hot from June to August every year, and it usually rains in the evening and the temperature drops. This small climate attracts more than 150,000 tourists from Chongqing to Zunyi every year to avoid summer heat, moreover, the appropriate temperature and humidity are particularly suitable for generation, fermentation and reproduction of microorganisms during liquor-making. The natural conditions form a unique ecological climate environment for liquor-making. And this time period is the production period for Zhenjiu Liquor in four or five times, which is the best round for producing the deeply fragrant liquor. The Zhenjiu Liquor makers inherit the spirit of craftsmanship, adhere to the traditional liquor-making process, suitably adjust and refine the process details, and gradually produce the high-quality deeply fragrant liquor with its own characteristics.

  Secondly, Zhenjiu Liquor adheres to the long-term storage of basic liquor in pottery jars.

  Zhenjiu Liquor gives up the temptation to use steel tanks to store liquor for scale production; instead, adheres to the long-term storage of basic liquor in pottery jars. This is because the pottery jars can breathe and have good air permeability without leakage, which can make the liquor body contain more rich microelements and good for human health; meanwhile the pottery jars enable the liquor body to closely connect with the external micropopulation with natural exhalation, exchange and fusion, which can bring the aged liquor-making effects in cellars, make the liquor more aged and more fragrant, and create the elegant, comfortable and wonderful “taste of aged liquor”.

  Thirdly, Zhenjiu Liquor innovates in bottle storage technology and the craftsmanship liquor-making forms a unique taste.

  To further improve the quality and taste of the product, Zhenjiu Liquor innovates in bottle storage technology and strictly requires that the product should not leave factory for sales until it is bottled and stored for six months to a year so as to make the liquor become more aged and mellow!

  Zhenjiu Liquor persists in the storage process of pottery jar storage + bottle storage and thus forms the unique taste and ultimate experience. The representative product is “Zhenjiu Liquor-Zhen XV” which carefully selects the high-quality aged liquor stored for 15 years, carefully blends according to the standards of “Zhen XV”, and the product is bottled and stored for at least 1 year and above. The liquor body is yellowish and transparent, deeply fragrant and elegant, aged and comfortable, delicate and smooth, harmonious and clean, taste lingering, and enduring fragrant in empty cup. It tastes sweet, cool and passionate during drinking and tastes refreshed after drinking. In 2016, “Zhen XV” won the Top Ten Golden Liquor Prize in Guizhou Province of China.

  [Part 3 Craftsmanship Building Dream]

  Zhenjiu Liquor is treasured for its deep fragrance and has become a precious, scarce and highly cost-effective brand of deeply fragrant liquor.

  In the future, the Zhenjiu Liquor makers will shoulder consumers’ hope of delicious liquor, insist on using the spirit of craftsmanship to make high-quality deeply fragrant liquor, and create Zhenjiu Liquor into a well-known brand of mid-to-high end deeply fragrant liquor in China. The Zhenjiu Liquor after rebirth is now opening a new chapter and writing a new legend of deeply fragrant liquor.

  Service Hotline:400-020-2009

Guilin Xiangshan Distillery Co., Ltd.

  The predecessor of Guilin Xiangshan Distillery Co., Ltd. was Guangxi Quanzhou Xiangshan Liquor Factory located in the east of Quanzhou City - north of the ancient city full of clear waters and green hills, fishes, rice and flowers, and also located in the confluence of Xiang River, Guan River and Wanxiang River.

  Its predecessor was a liquor processing factory founded by the Private Liquor Organization I in Quanzhou County established by a Chinese monopoly company on July 1, 1954 and belonged to a state-owned enterprise. In December of the same year, it was renamed as the locally state-owned liquor factory in Quanzhou County, which was led by the Industrial Section of Quanzhou County Government. In December 1955, the Private Liquor Organization II in Quanzhou County adopted the public-private partnership according to the national policy of private reform, and changed the name to Liquor Factory in Quanzhou County. In March 1956, the three Liquor Organizations of Shaoshui, Miaotou and Shitang were received as the branch factories; and two private medicinal liquor stores of Yuyuanheng and Yutongheng in Heping Street were received to establish the locally state-owned Medicinal Liquor Factory in Quanzhou County. In April 1958, the Medicinal Liquor Factory was merged and named changed to the locally state-owned Liquor Factory in Quanzhou County. The Liquor Factory was located in Banqiaotou of the Town and moved to the east gate in October. With the production development, the production area in airport apron was expanded in 1979, and the factory was named as Xiangshan Liquor Factory in Quanzhou County and then changed name to Quanzhou Xiangshan Liquor Factory. With the concept of powerful combination and enterprise development of Quanzhou County Government, Jinliufu in Jindong Group invested and integrated Guangxi Quanzhou Xiangshan Distillery and established Guilin Xiangshan Distillery Co., Ltd. in April 2008.

  Guilin Xiangshan Distillery Co., Ltd. now boasts all kinds of nearly 70 technicians, advanced production equipment, complete test facilities, perfect quality management system, product research and development center of autonomous region level, and advanced test equipment; passed ISO9001 quality management system certification in 2003, passed the food safety system certification in 2011, passed the 3-level standard safe production certification in 2015, and passed ISO14001:2004 environmental management system and OHSAS18001:2007 occupational health and safety management system certification in February 2016. The products are sold all over China and exported to Southeast Asian countries, USA and Canada. Guilin Xiangshan Distillery Co., Ltd. has been successively awarded as Advanced Quality Enterprise by Ministry of Light Industry, Outstanding Enterprise by Ministry of Light Industry, Advanced Enterprise in Guangxi Province, Enterprise of Compliance with Contact and Credit across China, Top 100 Advanced Enterprises in National Liquor-making Industry, and Top 100 Enterprise Titles in China Liquor Industry.

  Guilin Xiangshan Distillery Co., Ltd. produces rice-fragrance liquor, dewy liquor, healthy liquor and others. Its leading product “Xiangshan Liquor” is one of the representative liquor of Chinese rice-fragrance liquor. Its raw material is the high-quality rice and the specially-made pure rhizopus yeast is added as saccharification fermentation starter. The liquor adopts the traditional semi-liquid and semi-solid small jar for diastatic fermentation, goes through traditional distillation, and is stored in pottery jar for a long time through careful blending. Xiangshan liquor is famous for its style of “clear and transparent, sweet and fragrant, mellow and clean, and smooth lingering taste”. Xiangshan liquor had been awarded as the National High-quality Liquor for four consecutive years since it participated in the National Liquor Appraisal Contest from 1963 to 1989. It has been awarded as the Famous Brand Product in Guangxi and always maintained the title of Famous Liquor in Guangxi. In 2010, it was awarded as the honorable title of China Time-honored Brand. In the same year, Xiangshan liquor became the National Geographic Symbol product. The traditional liquor-making processes of Xiangshan liquor were selected into the protection list of intangible cultural heritage in Guangxi. In 2013, Xiangshan liquor won the Award Nomination of the First Mayor of Quality Award in Guilin City. Its trademark “Xiangshan Brand” has been evaluated as the famous trademark in Guangxi Province and has become a trustworthy commodity for consumers.

  In order to create the high-end products of rice-fragrance liquor and get rid of the low-end rice-fragrance liquor, Xiangshan products have been constantly innovated and have developed marketable products according to market demands. The success of Aged Xiangshan Jar broke the rumor that there was no high-end rice-fragrance liquor. After three decades of introducing the high-end product of Aged Xiangshan Jar, Xiangshan Distillery developed mixed-fragrant Guilin serious of products through organic combination of rice fragrance, deep fragrance, and thick fragrance. The products were highly praised by national liquor experts due to the characteristics of “rice flavor in deep fragrance, deep fragrance in rice, clear but not light, thick but not gaudy, elegant and mellow, sweet, lingering and special. Once marketed, it was immediately recognized by consumers and opened up a new world for the development of rice-fragrance liquor. In the “Liquor Quality Inspection and Evaluation Exchange Activities Involving Hunan Province, Hubei Province, Jiangxi Province, Guangxi Province, Fujian Province, and Chongqing City” held in 2012, 2014 and 2015, the Aged Xiangshan Jar and Gui I were awarded with Golden Medal of Honor for 3 times appraised by 200 experts. The Aged Xiangshan Jar-XV won the Golden Medal by over 200 international white liquor judges in the Spirits Selection by Concours Mondialde Bruxelles held in Guiyang City in 2015.

  Over the years, the Guangxi Autonomous Region leaders have paid much attention to the development of the Guilin Xiangshan Distillery Co., Ltd., and have visited and inspected it for many times. Mr. Zhao Fulin, Party Secretary of Guangxi Autonomous Region, visited Guilin Xiangshan Distillery Co., Ltd. in 1992 and said: “improve product quality and expand sales” to encourage the company to continue to produce more and better products for consumers. Later, more leaders visited this company, including Wang Rongzhen, Deputy Chairman of People’s Government of Guangxi Autonomous Region; Yuan Zhengzhong, Deputy Chairman of People’s Government of Guangxi Autonomous Region; Ma Qingsheng, Deputy Party Secretary of Guangxi Autonomous Region; Zhang Mujie, Deputy Director of People’s Congress in Guangxi Autonomous Region; Shen Yifang, Vice President of China Liquor Professional Association; Gao Jingyan, Secretary General of China Liquor Professional Association; Tao Jiachi, Director of China Liquor Professional Association; Chen Huiguang, Chairman of Political Consultative Conference in Guangxi Autonomous Region; Ding Tingmo, Deputy Party Secretary of Guangxi Autonomous Region; Pan Qi, Publicity Director of Guangxi Autonomous Region; Cao Bochun, Party Secretary of Guangxi Autonomous Region; and Li Zhaozhuo, Chairman of guangxi Autonomous Regional People’s Government. After Li Zhaozhuo visited the company, he said: “Xiangshan Liquor is sweet and fragrant”, which gave great care and encouragement to the company and effectively promoted its economic take-off.

  On May 28, 2010, the new base of Guilin Xiangshan Distillery Co., Ltd. located in the Industrial Park of southern Quanzhou County, started construction. The leaders of Guangxi Autonomous Region, Municipal Committee of Guilin City and municipal leaders of Guilin City attached great importance to the project and went to the company to provide guidance for many times, and even included the project into the government supervision project of Guangxi Autonomous Region. After the completion of the project, Guilin Xiangshan Distillery Co., Ltd. would become a modern enterprise integrating production, tourism, environmental protection and landscaping. In June 2014, the liquor-making workshop of the new base in Shui’nan produced liquor successfully. In 2015, all liquor-making workshops started all liquor-making equipment for the second round of trial production and the equipment commissioning of the packaging workshops completed smoothly. The trial production in March 2016 marked the gradual realization of the dream of making Xiangshan liquor into the NO.1 brand of China’s rice liquor.

  Guilin Xiangshan Distillery Co., Ltd. adheres to the culture of Jindong Group, and takes integrity as the enterprise life, and always strives to become NO.1 in market. Xiangshan Distillery provides the best service for the first-line market as the core value of the enterprise. Each employee’s spiritual pursuit is to love enterprise, love partners, love products, love marketing, love markets, and love enterprise brands.

  Guilin Xiangshan Distillery Co., Ltd. adheres to the people-oriented concept of employing, namely, “every employee is the brand of the enterprise”; respect the employee’s characteristics and give full scope to each talent; advocate “our enterprise is wonderful because of us”; stress enterprise spirit of “firm belief, tough will, step by step, and constant efforts to bring success”; build the brand new image of Xiangshan according to the standards of “high quality, high efficiency and strict requirement”; build Xiangshan Distillery into the largest production base of rice-fragrance liquor in China, and achieve the grand goal of providing consumers with lots of good liquor.

Guangdong Deqing Wubi Health Liquor Co., Ltd.

  Founded in 1905, Guangdong Deqing Wubi Health Liquor Co., Ltd. is a time-honored company. It was jointly built by the Guan Brothers of South China Medicinal Plants and named after the name of the brother Guan Fuyuan. The company was originally named as Guan Fuyuan Liquor Workshop and later changed to Guan Fuyuan Liquor Factory. After the establishment of New China, Guan Fuyuan Liquor Factory was converted into a state-owned enterprise in 1956 through system reform. Later it was renamed as Fleece-flower Root Liquor Factory and Weilong Liquor Factory in Deqing County. It was acquired by Jindong Group in 2001 and is now one of the large private enterprises in Deqing County, which has had a history of 110 years.

  Guangdong Deqing Wubi Health Liquor Co., Ltd. is located within Chengguan Town, Deqing County, Guangdong Province. Deqing County is a veritable county producing medicine. Among the six famous medicines in Southern Fujian Province, four of them are abundant in Deqing County: polygonum multiflorum, morinda officinalis, fingered citron, and longan. At present, polygonum multiflorum and morinda officinalis are still the pillar industries of agriculture in Deqing County. The medicinal materials in Deqing Wubi’s product Wubitu Liquor are mainly polygonum multiflorum and morinda officinalis from Deqing County, and made through special traditional processes. As the manufacturer of health liquor, it is the tenet of Deqing Wubi to use local resources and push local industry development. Deqing Wubi has medicinal materials production bases in many towns and villages of Deqing County, has been a good driver to push local industry development for many years and been praised and rewarded by Deqing County Government annually.

  The Wubi series of health liquor has had a history over 100 years since the “Guan Fuyuan” was founded by Guan Brothers in 1905. The products have always been made by ancient methods. Through a long period of trial and hard work, the liquor makers have summarized a set of production technology of special health liquor combining modern science with traditional process. They use the pharmaceutical principle to extract the effective ingredient concentrate and make scientific preparation, and its unique production process is rare in China; in addition, they comprehensively use the modern production and management mode, and the technological content and added value of the products are at the top of the similarly competitive products.

  Deqing Wubi has had a history of 110 years and received many honors.
  In 1986, Deqing Wubi formally obtained the pharmaceutical production certificate and license, and the produced Polygonum Multiflorum Juice Liquor was awarded as the High-quality Product in Guangdong Province in the same year.
  In 1990, “Morinda Officinalis Tonic Liquor” was awarded with the Golden Cup of International Symposium on Elderly Medicine.
  In 1994, Deqing Wubi won the Top Ten Famous Liquor Award in Guangdong Province.
  In November 2000, Deqing Wubi was approved by Guangdong Food and Drug Administration and confirmed as a Pharmaceutical Factory. The produced Polygonum Multiflorum Reinforcing Kidney Liquor, Morinda Officinalis Tonic Liquor, and Polygonum Multiflorum Juice were approved by China for management, production, marketing and usage of pharmaceuticals.
  In May 2001, Deqing Wubi was wholly acquired by Jindong Group and renamed as “Guangdong Deqing Wubi Health Liquor Co., Ltd.”
  In February 2002, three time-honored brands of Polygonum Multiflorum Reinforcing Kidney Liquor, Morinda Officinalis Tonic Liquor, and Rosa Laevigata Polygonum Multiflorum Juice were approved by Guangdong Food and Drug Administration as the allowed Chinese medicine.
  In 2003, Deqing Wubi was awarded with the honorary title of “Enterprise of Trustworthy Product Quality” by Guangdong Provincial Light Industry Association.
  In September 2004, Deqing Wubi passed the international quality system certification of 9000-9001; and in December, Deqing Wubi’s Morinda Officinalis Tonic Liquor won the Famous Annual Excellent Liquor Award in the Second Guangdong Market Event.
  In July 2005, Deqing Wubi obtained the health food production license.
  In May 2007, Deqing Wubi’s products were certified by C mark; in November of the same year, Deqing Wubi’s Wubitu Liquor was awarded with the Technological Innovation Award in Zhaoqing City; in November, Deqing Wubi passed the Second Level in China Metrology Accreditation.
  In February 2008, Deqing Wubi’s trademark of “Wubi” won the Famous Trademark of Guangdong Province; in March 2008, Wubi Morinda Officinalis Tonic Liquor and Wubi Polygonum Multiflorum Juice were awarded as the Top Ten Tourist Commodities of Deqing County; in June, Deqing Wubi was awarded as the Enterprise of Compliance with Contact and Credit for six consecutive years in Zhaoqing City.
  In March 2009, Deqing Wubi successfully passed the GMP on-site inspection of health food certification by the Guangdong Food and Drug Administration; on April 21, 2009, Deqing Wubi formally received the Health Food GMP Certificate, and became the only health food manufacturer in the whole Guangdong Province and one of the few health food manufacturers in western Guangdong Province.
  In November 2010, Deqing Wubi was awarded as the Standardized Good Behavior Enterprise in Guangdong Province.
  In January 2011, Deqing Wubi won the title of Advanced Civilization Unit in Deqing County.
  In June 2011, Deqing Wubi’s Morinda Officinalis Tonic Liquor won the honor of Green High-quality Product.
  In August 2011, Deqing Wubi’s Morinda Officinalis Tonic Liquor won the title of “Specialty Food in Guangdong Lingnan”.
  In October 2011, Deqing Wubi was awarded with the title of Benchmarking Enterprise in Deqing County.
  In June 2012, Deqing Wubi was awarded with the title of “Class-A Taxpayer” in Zhaoqing City.
  In March 2013, Deqing Wubi won the honor of “Time-Honored Brand in Guangdong”; in April, the “Guan Fuyuan” trademark was awarded as “Guangdong Famous Trademark”.
  In September 2013, Deqing Wubi was awarded with the honor of “Quality Award in Deqing County Government”.
 In November 2015, Deqing Wubi was honored with “Clean Production Enterprise in Guangdong Province”.
  In December 2015, Deqing Wubi won the honor of “Key Agricultural Leading Enterprise in Guangdong Province”.
  In March 2016, Deqing Wubi won the honor of “Excellent Production Enterprise in Guangdong Liquor Industry in 2015”.
  In March 2016, Deqing Wubi won the honor of “Famous Brand Enterprise in Guangdong Liquor Industry in 2015”.
  In March 2016, 30%vol of Wubitu Liquor and 23%vol of Wubitu Morinda Officinalis Tonic Liquor won the “Consumers Welcoming Product in Guangdong Liquor Market in 2015”.
  In September 2016, Morinda Officinalis Tonic Liquor, Ancient Formula Liquor, Wubitu Liquor, Wubi Liquor, and Ecological Wubi Liquor won the honor of “Representative Local Specialty in Guangdong Province”.
  In November 2016, the Guan Fuyuan Brand was identified as “Beginning in 1905”.
  In December 2016, Deqing Wubi won the honor of “Quality Integrity Enterprise”.
  In January 2017, Deqing Wubi won the honor of “Safe Liquor Production Enterprise in Guangdong Province”.
  In January 2017, Deqing Wubi won the honor of “Patent Award of Research and Development Product by Private Enterprise in 2016”.
  In March 2017, Deqing Wubi won the honor of “Excellent Production Enterprise in Guangdong Liquor Industry in 2016”.

Hunan Yanfeng Liquor Co., Ltd.

  Hunan Yanfeng Liquor Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Yanfeng Liquor) formerly known as Hengyang Huiyanfeng Liquor Making Factory was established in 1958. It is a leading enterprise of liquor production in Hunan Province, a famous brand enterprise in China, and has won many provincial and national awards. In 2015, products of 50-Year Yangfeng Jiaoxin and Yangfeng Wangxiaowang won Silver Award in Spirits Selection by Concours Mondialde Bruxelles.

  Yanfeng Liquor has three treasures of “Aged Cellar Pool”, “Ancient Methods of Liquor Making”, and “Underground Liquor Cellar”. The 126 aged cellar pools owned by Yanfeng Liquor was founded in 1958, are the only cluster of cellar pools in Hengyang City and the most complete one preserved in Hunan Province, and are the only modern industrial heritage protection unit in Hengyang City. Yanfeng’s liquor-making process is a folk traditional skill, which originated in the late Qing Dynasty and early Republic of China. After several generations of practices and explorations, the process has been carried forward. In 2009, Yanfeng’s liquor-making process was listed into intangible cultural heritage in Hengyang City. Built in the 1950s, Yanfeng’s underground liquor cellar is an unduplicated natural liquor reservoir. With constant temperature and humidity, the underground liquor cellar sealed for 50 years has been turned into the “No.1 Underground Liquor Cellar in South Central China” under the care of Yanfeng liquor makers.

  Yanfeng Liquor adheres to Jindong Group’s cultural concept of “firm belief, tough will, step by step, and constant efforts to bring success”; inherits the traditional liquor-making technology and implements ISO9001 and HACCP22000 system operation in a standard manner; promotes the 6s management, focuses on quality technology fundamentals, innovates in liquor-making process, focuses on food safety in production; its product quality and brand image win the attention from all walks of life and widespread praise, and becomes a shining city name card of Hengyang – “Yancheng”. In September 2008, Ma Yong, Executive Vice President and Secretary General of Professional Liquor Committee of China Food Industry Association, led the liquor expert group to Hengyang City and organized a national Appraisal Meeting of expert group on high-grade Yanfeng liquor. At the Appraisal Meeting, the national-level experts decided: Yanfeng series of liquor had a special style and belonged to the superior product in the high-quality liquor.

  Main sales products: 50-Year Yangfeng Jiaoxin Series, Yangfeng 1958 Series, Yangfeng King Series, and Huiyanfeng Series.

Heilongjiang Jilin Shandong Anhui Sichuan Jiangxi Hunan Guizhou Guangxi Guangdong

VATS Liquor Group boasts 12 white liquor producers including Jinliufu Distillery Co., Ltd., Xiangjiao Liquor Co., Ltd., Zhenjiu Liquor Co., Ltd., and Lidu Distillery Co., Ltd. Seven liquor producers of VATS Liquor Group boast more than 50 years of history and are the private liquor enterprises that have the most members in the Liquor Committee of China Alcoholic Drinks Association, National Liquor Assessment Experts, National Senior Liquor Tasters, and National Senior Liquor Makers. VATS Liquor Group is the liquor group that owns the most well-known trademarks, well-known trademarks, famous trademarks, and China time-honored liquor brands, of which “Jinliufu” is a household name, ranking among the top five Chinese liquor brands.